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We work together with dentists and their patients to solve problems using customized medications.Upon a prescription order, we can compound:
•    lip balms for viral lesions
•    topical muscle relaxants/analgesics
•    topical anesthetics
•    non-staining antibacterial rinses
•    oral sedation in lollipops and freezer pops
•    lollipops for oral thrush
•    mouth rinses for aphthous ulcers or chemotherapy-induced stomatitis
•    mouth rinse to stop oral bleeding during dental procedures for patients who take anticoagulants
•    dry socket preparations
•    “mucosal bandages” to cover ulcerated, infected, or tender mucosa
•    lozenges that help to prevent gagging
•    and many more unique preparations and novel delivery systems
Medications are manufactured in a limited number of strengths and dosage forms that will satisfy the needs of most patients due to stability concerns, and the cost of stocking and distributing numerous formulations of each drug. Using pharmaceutical grade chemicals and specialized equipment not found in most pharmacies, we can compound medications in doses and dosage forms that are not commercially available. We want to optimize the care of every patient. Just let us know what you need!

What is  Compounding

Compounding pharmacy is the art and science of creating customized medicine for each patient. Compounding is a specialized skill with the potential to help many patients who could benefit from a more personalized medication. Pharmacists who specialize in compounding listen to their patient, discuss the unique situation with the prescribers, then formulate the medication for that patient. Done correctly, the formulation process itself utilizes:
•    the knowledge and education of the pharmacist
•    the highest-quality chemicals available
•    technologically-advanced equipment in a laboratory dedicated to compounding
•    Rigorous quality control and quality assurance measures.
Perhaps the most important element in this equation is the compounding pharmacist’s ability and willingness to make personalized patient care the priority. The purpose of a compounded prescription is to maximize a patient’s ability to use the medication and, therefore, gain maximum benefits of that medication. It may be as simple as flavoring a medicine to the patient’s liking. It may involve creating a dosage form that is easier to give to a child or a pet. Perhaps a patient needs a specific dose of medicine or a combination of medicines that isn’t commercially available. Or, a patient may need a customized medication created to treat individual symptoms. These instances and many more are examples of compounding pharmacy.

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