St. Coleman’s Italian Festival

By: Kristen Hernandez
Familiar aromas drifted through the air like gentle fingers beckoning carnival lovers of all ages. Laughter, laced with screams, flowed from delighted thrill-seekers. Scents and sounds glided the coattails of music unique to dozens of rides sprawled along the Catholic school grounds. The St. Coleman’s Italian Festival was in full swing, delivering promises of fun coupled with the stomach churning anticipation of an exciting evening.Green, white, and red signs were draped all over, announcing enticing Italian dishes and treats such as sausage and peppers, meatball subs, stuffed shells, and fried dough. Typical carnival fare was also dotted around the fair. Yummy smells of cotton candy, popcorn, funnel cakes, candy apples, and corn dogs scented the air.St. Coleman’s developed a ticket system that seemed to work in sync with the huge crowd that dropped by to visit the yearly festival. Carnival patrons could purchase single or bundle tickets that were good for multiple stations including food, drinks, certain games, and, of course, the rides.

Choices of Italian cuisine were plentiful and dripped with Italian-American tradition. I enjoyed a hot plate of linguini with clams laced with garlic and parsley, served with bread and real pats of butter. Wine and beer were also available.

Rides stretched across the humongous grounds. Old school favorites such as the Rock-n-Roll, Pirate Ship, Bumper Cars, Loop-de-Loop, and Ferris Wheel brought back nostalgic memories of childhood feasts.

The music was terrific. Live bands played the stage, creating magic for many. Couples young and old danced, wrapped in each other’s arms, capturing the sweet moments St. Coleman crafted in such a perfect fashion.

The entertainment, food, rides, and altogether spectacle that is St. Coleman’s Italian Festival was worth every penny. Sadly, this wonderful feast of the senses is only around for three days every year. I’m already bubbling with excitement anticipating next year’s cultural adventure.

Broward Readers, I’m searching for an old Italian-American favorite, Zeppoles. If you know where I can find a bag, email me at so I can post a

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