Tara Tai

By: Kristen Hernandez

Lifestyles had the chance to experience the exotic and delightful sushi dishes Tara Thai features on their menu. In this family run business, K is the sushi chef, his wife Bo helps with some of the cooking and serving as well. You can tell they put their whole heart into making your dining experience the best. The night we stopped, our dish was plated with a skillful hand and contained an assortment of white tail, salmon, and tuna delicately sliced and placed upon strips of sticky rice. The chef, K, created a special roll for Lifestyles that exploded with two kinds of roe, bursting with bright orange and inky black colors. A side of spicy wasabi and a flavorful, uncommon white pickled ginger was a perfect complement to the meal.We began our experience with a steaming pot of hot sake. One pot of sake gives ample servings per person and well worth the small price. The first course served was an aromatic display of Tom Yum Gai. The lemongrass infused soup had belly-warming offerings of sliced chicken, straw mushrooms, and coconut milk in a spicy broth dotted with chunks of lemongrass. Our second course was a yummy bowl of chewy udon noodles in fish broth swimming with pieces of chicken, cilantro, carrots, and spices. The chef and his staff then presented Lifestyles with that beautiful platter of sushi that worked well with the hot sake.Tara Thai has a large menu with a variety of Thai dishes and appetizers. One dish you have to try is their Tara Thai Curry Puff. A crispy pastry filled with minced chicken, potato, and curry powder is served with a cucumber relish that bursts with flavor on your palate.We couldn’t leave Tara Thai without a sweet dessert to round off our meal. We were treated to a small bowl of warm tempura banana and a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream. The marriage of hot and cold sensations had our taste buds begging for more.As we wrapped it all up, Lifestyles left Tara Thai as most of their guests do, full and satisfied.Look for Tara Thai Japanese Cuisine & Sushi at 3026 East Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale and tell them Broward Lifestyles Magazine sent you. 954.776.2802. Check out their menu at

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