Soul Survivors

By: Kristen Hernandez
Cancer is a despicable word. It will affect almost everyone, in some way, who’s reading these words. As a cancer survivor, I know how horrible hearing that word can be.
That’s why I’ll be participating at the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in Carter Park on May 18-19. It’s an overnight, 18-hour event simulating the journey a cancer patient takes while undergoing treatment.If you’ve never experienced a Relay for Life, you must come down at 6pm, Friday May 18, and see how special it will be. I have the honor of being a team captain for the Soul Survivors. There’s a few survivors on our team, special people who have fought and beat all types of cancer including Breast (Mucinous Carcinoma) and Bone cancer (Chordoma).My fight with Chordoma was wicked and debilitating. It paralyzed me and had me in a wheelchair for almost a year. I now have 18 rods, 22 screws and 3 titanium cages running up my lower spine. During the Carter Park Relay, I will walk around the track, taking the first survivors lap along with the others who had the courage to fight back.We also honor the lives of those who fought so courageously and lost the battle. There will be a luminaria where we decorate a bag either in honor of or in memory of someone and light them at 9pm. Check out the message we’ll spell with these little bags of hope that will light up the night.If you have been touched by this horrible disease, please come support the teams. There will be several fundraisers going on at the event to help up reach our goals. If you’d like to read more about my story, view it at and make a donation under my name for my team, Soul Survivors. Even $10 will help. You can also check out my Facebook page at you have any questions about how to get involved, email me at or call me at 631-413-7622. Ask me about upcoming fundraisers. I need your support!

One response to “Soul Survivors

  1. Beautiful words. Well written. Sad story as well. Thanks for fighting back!

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