Chianti – The Bordeaux of Italy

By: Kristen Hernandez
A plate of culinary art deserves the perfect wine.
Lifestyle’s wine spotlight of the month is Chianti – a beautiful red wine from the Tuscany Region of Italy. It is composed of 75%-100% Sangiovese grapes.The Chianti area was officially recognized as a wine producer in 1716 with land that stretches 100 square miles between the city of Florence to the North and the city of Siena to the South.
Chianti tends to be medium bodied with firm tannins and medium to medium high acidity. Tannins are
chemical compounds found in the skin, seeds, and stems of the grape and can affect the mouth feel of
your wine. The aroma note characteristics of
Chianti are typically floral, cherry, and lightly nutty.
Great food pairing are red sauces, beef, lamb, and wild game. A delicious plate of beef short rib ragu with ravioli would be divine with a glass of Chianti.Look for the Gallo Nero label (The Black Rooster). It is the symbol of the Consorzio Chianti Classico-the
foundation of producers in the Chianti Classico region.
Grab a bottle and email your thoughts:
Molto Bene! Salute!

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