Don’t Be Afraid to Cruise!

By: Kristen Hernandez
Think you might go down with the ship? Afraid to sail the seven seas? Well, don’t be. Cruising can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. The fact is the media has overrun stories portraying the horrors of sailing. Tales of Titanic revitalizations and lewd conduct strike cords of fear into the traveling public.The truth is don’t be afraid to sail on a cruise ship. You’re safer on a cruise than any other method of travel. South Florida is home to dozens of cruises. Prices dropped considerably over the past years. Passengers save hundreds by not buying an airplane ticket. In 2011, over 16 million people sailed on board a cruise in North America.There are so many benefits to sailing a floating resort. Unpack once and have the opportunity to sample multiple exotic locales. Experience cultures unique to each destination. Food is available at any hour. The opportunity to taste some of the most exquisite cuisine is included in your price, although some restaurants may have a surcharge. Vegas style shows explode from ship theatres. Some ships even offer ice skating rinks, bowling alleys, casinos, spas, and waves of excitement.The best way to find out about cruise line safety is by visiting CLIA, the Cruise Line Industry Association, is North America’s largest association, providing education to passengers, travel agencies, and suppliers. CLIA’s Executive Partner program includes strategic relationships between key cruise industry organizations, cruise lines, ports and shipyards plus provides interaction with governmental agencies such as Homeland Security, US Coast Guard, EPA, and FBI.
My travel company,, is going to be live and active soon, providing trips and tours to amazing places around the world. This year we’re working on going to Oktoberfest in Germany. Actually, Dear Readers, I need help with the name. I’m torn between two – Your Travel Memoirs and The Differently-Abled Travel Group (since I’m partially disabled).Send me your thoughts and I’ll post a poll on our Facebook page! As always, you can email me at
Safe travels!

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