Preparing for a Fresh Start

brain The Corporate Client
People come to our center seeking healing of mind, body and spirit as they struggle with issues like depression, anxiety, addiction, eating or sleep disorders, anger, sadness or chronic fatigue. Others like artists; musicians, athletes, writers and executives want to improve focus, concentration, dexterity, and clarity of thought or creativity. Everyone wants to feel better and be the best they can possibly be.The answer lies within. Bringing the brain into balance and harmony can help remove the barriers that keep us from performing at our highest physical, mental and emotional best.One of my clients came to the Center for Optimal Health because she was having trouble finding her drive, determination and focus after leaving a high powered corporate job and embarking on a new career as an independent business owner.I was getting Lou set up to begin her Brainwave Optimization session. She has already received an assessment to map her brain patterns and is now participating in one of the subsequent sessions where she listens to harmonic tones. After her fourth session Lou said she felt lighter and less fearful.One of the goals Lou identified when setting objectives for her brain optimization experience was that she wanted to improve her ability to meditate. As the process has moved forward, Lou reports being able to concentrate for longer periods of time and to actually relax, meditate and feel rejuvenated as a result. She describes it as a kind of kick starter for her meditation practice. She also reports being more confident, having a sharper focus and being able to work through the emotional block she felt was preventing her achieving greater results in her business.

When Lou first started her sessions, she didn’t recognize that getting a good night’s sleep was one of her issues. After her sixth session, she told me she had actually slept through the night awakened refreshed in a way she had not felt in years.
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